Return to Work Support

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Return to Work Support

Return to work after the treatment is a big deal for everyone. There have so many questions and scenarios running through their mind. Going back to work is not an option for anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder survivor. Sometimes physical, mental, emotional effects of treatment change or delay the work plans. If you are ready to return to work, the first step is to get your doctor's approval.

The time of your return depends on the long-term side effects of the treatment and the physical mental stress of the job. As a survivor, you can decide how much to share with coworkers about your treatment experience and leave. There are many benefits to returning to work . Work boosts your self-confidence and provides valuable social interactions with People.

Prepare to return to work support :

  • Come up with a peaceful and realistic mind.
  • Know when you are ready to return to work.
  • Slowly adding hours to the workday.
  • Pay attention
  • Concentrate on the work
  • Try to things that are part of a healthy life
  • Enjoy yourself
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