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Works to provide perfect health and a better way of life

An Orderly Life for Perfect Health

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" Wellness center, lifestyle disease management with diet control,
Mental stability with counselling section. Achieve your health goal with us."

Dr. Henna Gazal

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Habitos Care

Works to provide perfect health and a better way of life

Habitos Care is a health care partner in daily life. We at the habitos putting our patients first and making an effort to make healthy and happy world. We strive to help people live a long, healthy life and support them.

Habitos was founded in order to support and foster a sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community. We offer a variety of accessions and bring together consultants with diverse backgrounds in medicine, psychology, Nutrition, counselling to achieve and maintain your optimal health.

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We believe that while health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being. Our aim at putting our patients first and our treatments are revitalizing the body.

An Orderly Life for Perfect Health

Health & Wellness


Physical wellness defines as recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep. Physical wellness is listening to and taking care of the body for optimal health and functioning.


Emotional wellness is the ability to manage challenges and changes in your life and successfully handle life stress, awareness understanding, and acceptance of your feelings.


Environmental wellness refers to leading a lifestyle that values the relationships between the environment, community, and us.


Financial wellness requires the process of learning how to profitably manage the financial expenses.


Social wellness means being aware of participating and feeling connected to the community around you. Social wellness enables you to create a boundary that encourage communication, trust, and conflict management.

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Lifestyle Management Consultant, Nutritionist & Psychologist at Habitos Care

Dr. Henna Gazal

Lifestyle Disease Management

Nutrition Consultant


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Steps Towards Mental Fitness

Wellness Clinic

The term wellness refers to the well-being of the person. Wellness clinic is a place that offers health services for both body and mind.

An establishment focused on holistic wellness will provide you with :

  • Specific treatments to suit your needs.
  • Total integration with the method and practice.
  • Necessary concentric aspects.
  • The quest for physical and mental balance.
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Anjali Das

My journey with Habitos Care has been so amazing over the past three months. I would say unbelievable as I had approached many and looked at various methods and couldn't find better. Somehow, I got to know about Dr. Henna and her treatment pattern. I'm quite impressed with the result that she brought out. Her continuous motivation and suggestions helped me gain what I have been looking for. I could easily reverse Diabetes from 9.6 to 5 in just 3 months. Dr. Henna and her team would definitely be my first recommendation to all those who are looking for a healthier life.

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Hajira Parveen

Hi,my name is Hajira Parveen,Age 26, since from past 3 years I was suffering from PCOD recently I consulted DR HENNA she guided me as well nd they told me to be on diet for 2 mnths.nw i completely cured my PCOD from my diet.Dis is great effort which I have achieved.thnks to DR HENNA and ur team to give me a confidence.its really a better way of life...!

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Jummu Specials

My weight loss journey rmba useful la irundhadhu .86daysla 108.70kg la irundhu 97.60kg kuraichureken.naan 2 years pregnancy ku try pannittu irundhen ivolo kurainjadhu nala naan pregnant aa irukken . Naan edhirpakave illa naan pregnant aavenu . So I am excited.innum naan diet follow pannittu dhan irukken . Diet charts lam enakku romba easy aana method la kuduthirundhanga . Enakku indha diet healthyaavum benefit aavum irundhadhu .indha weight loseya kashta padama weight kurachadhukku Dr.Henna mam kum , enna specific aa monitor and motivate panna Dr. Jasheila mamkum thank you.

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Fathima Safnatn

Best Homeopathic clinic and i got effective treatment for pcod and hypothyroidism.Mdicines gave by dr henna cured all my problemsand made happiness in my life.Tnk uuu

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Hi, I am fahmi from vazhakkad. My son age 5 waste afraid of everything. He was afraid to go to school, his teachers and even students. So I decided to approach DrHennaGazal.since he was ababy his allergy,stomach problems, lack of immunity everything was treated by Dr Henna.he is now excellent.he is one of the best student in the class Masha allah.he started together along with his friends. From just two months of medicine and consultation. There was huge impact in his life. Thanks doctor.

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Jamsheer Parakkot

I had visited with my mom and the services that she received from Healthcare Homeo clinic is excellent. Dr.Henna is a wonderful consultant and a good listener and ensures that we are properly informed about our health and care.

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Praising pain was born to give you a complete.